Installation Interrupted

On January 21st, 2023, during the installation of the Grand Officers of the Grand Lodge of Texas, the newly-installed Grand Master, G. Clay Smith, with the support of Past Grand Master Terry Stogner, attempted to prevent the installation of Jim Rumsey as Grand Junior Warden.

This video specifically cut to show times 30.25-39.50 from the 2-hour installation video originally posted by the Grand Lodge of Texas. We wish to thank an out-of-state brother for downloading the video from YouTube before it was removed.

Watch this video closely. Below, we point out a few sections of video to help provide you with key details that are easily missed.

0:21 – Past Grand Master Stogner leans forward in his chair, seemingly about to get up.

0:33 – Past Grand Master Stogner stands up and begins to make his way behind the Grand East to the podium. He has intentionally waited until the Grand Master has been installed and has assumed the East.

2:32 – Grand Master Smith takes off his hat and picks up his podium book.

2:38 – Past Grand Master Miller looks to the podium and shrugs in an attempt to convey an appearance that he does not know what is about to happen.

2:46 – Past Master Stogner, from the podium, requests to approach the East.

3:05 – Grand Master Smith receives the charges from PGM Stogner and picks up a prepared statement.

3:45 – Grand Master Smith reads his prepared statement for the charges and states his intention to not install Jim Rumsey as Grand Junior Warden.

4:00 – Grand Master Smith states the charges have been filed with the Grand Secretary’s office, though he hands the papers to PGM Miller rather than the Grand Secretary, Justin Duty.

6:48 – PGM Billings, from the podium, makes a point of order stating that only the Grand West is able to accept charges to applause from the Grand West.

8:06 – Brother Charles Maddox, chair of the committee on jurisprudence, upon being summoned by Grand Master Smith, reports the Grand Master may choose what is out of order.

8:56 – Grand Master Smith states off-mic to PGM Miller, “He’s not going to be installed.”

9:12 – Grand Master Smith changes his mind and states, “…Let’s proceed with the installation, and we will deal with it in executive session tomorrow.”