How do I contribute to this website? You may submit information by clicking the “Provide Information” menu link.

How do I send anonymous comments directly to the Grand Lodge of Texas trustees? Any comments made through the “Privately Message Trustees” link are emailed anonymously to the Grand Lodge of Texas trustees.

Who are the trustees of the Grand Lodge of Texas? By law, they are the Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, Grand Senior Warden, Grand Junior Warden, Grand Treasurer, and Grand Secretary.

Why have you created this website? To provide our brothers with truthful and factual information about the actions of our Grand Master.

Who are you? We are brothers concerned about our Grand Lodge. We are concerned about the path some in the Grand Lodge wish to take.

Why are you not stating your names? To protect ourselves against direct action by the Grand Master and his cohorts. Many of us are already muting our speech online. We are unable to speak freely without reprisal.

By not stating your names, are you contributing to the darkness? Our intention is to bring backroom actions to light.