Grand Master Issues Letter

This morning at about 9am Central, the Grand Lodge of Texas published a letter from the Grand Master, G.Clay Smith. The letter is below. It is ridden with errors and omissions. To understand the letter, it is important to consider these five facts. First The below letter, dated January 30, 2023, states that “at approximately […]

Grand Master audits records of the Grand Treasurer and Grand Secretary – finds nothing

The Grand Master, G. Clay Smith, ordered a specialĀ investigation into the financial affairs of the Offices of the Grand Treasurer and the Grand Secretary which he has the authority to do under Article 26 of the Laws of the Grand Lodge of Texas. The audit team was comprised of only two people on the Finance […]

Call for Questions

News broke publically about the issues at the Grand Lodge of Texas on January 21st, 2023. Many of us have questions. More of us are unable to find those answers alone. We have strength in numbers, however, and over the last couple of days, we have seen a few thousand visitors view our website. Our […]

Installation Interrupted

On January 21st, 2023, during the installation of the Grand Officers of the Grand Lodge of Texas, the newly-installed Grand Master, G. Clay Smith, with the support of Past Grand Master Terry Stogner, attempted to prevent the installation of Jim Rumsey as Grand Junior Warden. Watch this video closely. Below, we point out a few […]