M:W: G. Clay Smith has removed brother Ronald Wise as Chairman of Finance.

In our last post, we wrote about how the Grand Master ordered a special investigation into the financial affairs of the Offices of the Grand Treasurer and Grand Secretary.

The audit team was to report to the Trustees on April 7th. Brother James Parker, the vice-chair of the Committee on Finance, provided an advanced copy of the report to the Grand Master. The night before Brother Ronald Wise was to give the report, M:W: G. Clay Smith emailed Brother Wise informing him his services on the committee had been terminated.

Our understanding is the report confirmed the information provided in our previous blog entry – no misconduct on the part of the Grand Treasurer, Grand Secretary, or R:W: Brad Billings was found.

Why was the Chairman of Finance removed? Was Brother James Parker seeking chairmanship? Is M:W: G. Clay Smith solely focused on ruining the names of brothers who oppose him?