The Grand Master, G. Clay Smith, ordered a special investigation into the financial affairs of the Offices of the Grand Treasurer and the Grand Secretary which he has the authority to do under Article 26 of the Laws of the Grand Lodge of Texas. The audit team was comprised of only two people on the Finance Committee.

The Grand Master ordered the audit team to focus on finding funds used by the Grand Lodge of Texas on Whiskey. As you may recall, last year sales proceeds from a special batch of whiskey were donated to the Grand Lodge of Texas. The production and sale took place outside the finances and jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Texas, to comply with the laws of the Grand Lodge of Texas, and more especially, the laws of the State of Texas. The audit concluded its examination of the Grand Treasurer & Secretary records last week and found nothing.

This special investigation is in addition to the annual audit. We were informed that multiple people were targets of the Grand Master’s special investigation:

  • Certain staff members in the Grand Secretary’s office
  • The Grand Treasurer
  • The Grand Secretary
  • Past Grand Master Billings
  • Certain members of the Finance Committee
  • Certain members of the Jurisprudence Committee

While the Grand Master has absolute authority to request a special investigation into any actions of the Grand Lodge, we question the use of resources. Is this where your money should be spent?

We would like to thank the brethren who submitted information confirming the details of this investigation. Otherwise, the Grand West may never have known the investigation occurred. We look forward to reading the Grand Master’s report and the report of the Finance committee which should provide details about the reason for, the scope of, and the specific findings of this investigation.

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